A film by Dustin St. Wright, starring Michael Quijano and Robert Quijano

Photograph Credit : Felicity Palma 2015 

Photograph Credit : Felicity Palma 2015 

'Bring Water' is a short format science fiction film that explores a dystopian future where Earth has become a sprawling desert and humanity has regressed into nomadic groups who exist in constant search of water for survival.

The world is seen through the eyes of two brothers (Older Brother and Younger Brother) who are sent by their people to locate an old mystic who is rumored to have the gift to invoke supernatural visions of where to find water in the world.

Along their path Older Brother is killed and his spirit is cast down into the underworld, while an injured Younger Brother must carry on alone. In the underworld Older Brother meets the spirit of a strange bearded Hermit who walks between the worlds of life and death, and may be able to help the Brothers find water for their people.




Written & Directed By  

Dustin St. Wright



Govind Rae

Nick Carlton Hyman



Kai Lillie


Executive Producers

Laughlin Elkind

Larkin Donley

Nick Carlton Hyman

Dustin St. Wright




Michael Quijano

Robert Quijano

Andy the Doorbum



Robert Quijano Sr.   Monica Canilao   di umaña (bbd)   Noma Helped   Nick Carlton Hyman


Director of Photography

Larkin Donley



Devon Bradbury


Associate Producers

Dr. Stuart Wright

Peter Hufford

Zack Belac

Michael Meek

David Swann

Chris and Sarah Rhoads

Tom Wayne


Costume Designers

Sara Paquette

Sarah Robinson

Sheena Bonner


Music Composer

Jason Lesser


Production Design

Kurt Williams


Unit Production Manager

Scott ‘Shues’ Cooper


First Assistant Director

Nick Carlton Hyman




Younger Brother                             Michael Quijano

Older Brother                                   Robert Quijano

Hermit / Spirit Hermit                  Andy the Doorbum


Father                                         Robert Quijano Sr.

Mary One                                        Monica Canilao

Mary Two                                         di umaña (bbd)

Mary Guard                                        Noma Helped

Headhunter                              Nick Carlton Hyman


Lead Marauder                                        Micah Hart

Marauder One                         Scott ‘Shues’ Cooper

Marauder Two                                 Robert Johnson

Marauder Three                                Tom Blanchard

Marauder Four                                            Kai Lillie

Marauder Five                                         Aja Nezitic


Villager One                                                   Julian

Villager Two                                    Michael Bennet

Villager Three                                     Troy Herrera

Villager Four                                 Adrian Machado

Villager Five                                            Juan Way


Mary Three                                                 ReMac

Mary Four                                 Sierra Joy Stewart

Mary Five                                     Sarah Robinson

Mary Six                                        Sheena Bonner

Mary Seven                                     Sara Paquette

Mary Eight                                          Sarah Sitkin

Mary Nine                          Audrey Marilyn Jacobs

Mary Ten                           Jessica Pourhassanian

Mary Eleven                                    Delaney Moos

Mary Guard Voice                Denise Teixeira-Pinto




Acting Coach                                        Micah Hart

Stunt Choreographer                      Tom Blanchard


On-Set Production Coordinator     Michael Bennet

Production Coordinator                     Troy Herrera

Lead Production Assistant            Tom Blanchard

Production Assistant              Chris ‘Alaska’ Rose

Production Assistant         Audrey Marilyn Jacobs


Key Grip                                                 Tom Platt

Best Boy Grip                             Spencer Harding


Gaffer                                                 Matt Kubas

Electric                                           Nick Alvarado


1st AC                                                  John Ruiz

2nd AC                                                  Ian Doss


Sound                                               Steve Hunt


Wardrobe Assistant                                 ReMac

Wardrobe Assistant                    Olivia Bagdade


Practical Special FX Artist               Sarah Sitkin


Special Effects Supervisor                    Ian Doss


Art Director                 Spencer Dempsey Jones

Art Director                            Sierra Joy Stewart

Set Construction Coord      Robert James White

Set Decorator                             Miles Robinson

Scenic Painter                            Devin Andersen

Lead Man                                          Travis Frye

Set Builder                                        Erin Havlak

On-Set Dresser                            Akiko Thomas

On-Set Dresser                           Ariel Campbell

Set Dresser                                     Jade Brandt

Set Dresser                               Michael Quijano

Set Dresser                                 Robert Quijano


Prop Master                          Alexandra Branger

Prop Maker                                              ReMac

Prop Maker                        Jackie ‘Rabbit’ Perez

Prop Assist                                 Sheena Bonner

Prop Assist                                    Rosie Fatemi

Prop Assist                                         Kyle Feral


Key Makeup Artist                      Malina Stearns

Makeup Assistant                      Kendra Dorman

Makeup Assistant                        Darya Farhudi


Pyrotechnician                           Miles Robinson


Script Supervisor                               Micah Hart


Storyboard Artist                               Travis Frye


Social Media Coordinator             Felicity Palma


BTS Photographer                     Zeya Schindler


Original Art


‘Hermit’ & ‘Spirit Hermit’ Character, Costume Design & ‘Cave’ Set

Andy the Doorbum


‘Mary’s Tower’ Design

Monica Canilao & Robert James White


‘Mary 1’ Character, Costume Design

Monica Canilao


‘Mary 2’ Character, Costume Design

di umaña (bbd)


‘Future Wheel Machine’

Adrian Machado & Winneteaux


'Marauder’ Weapons Design

Tom Blanchard, Dylan Hess & Jesse Hinson


‘Bring Water’ Official Media Artwork

Justin Adri


Post Production


Post Producer                    Francesca Capua


Visual Effects Compositor                 Ian Doss       


Colorist                                              Joel Ides

                                                At Fancy Film


Sound Designer / Mix Engineer     Elad Marish & Sasha Michkovsky

At Swell Music + Sound


Additional Music By  

Skylar Seth Bishil and Chris Lynch


Violin                                             Chris Lynch

Cello                                           Alexis Hawks

Guitar                                       Mike Mahlstadt

Synthesizer                                  Todd Barton

Additional End Credit Music by                       Andy the Doorbum


ADR Engineer                             Mateo Katsu


Sound Utility Assistant      Chris ‘Alaska’ Rose

Catering                                      Lilly McIntyre


Special Thanks


Leonard Knight

Rick Lawley

Deborah Burch

Adam Bergeron

Craig Schindler

James Durland

Bill Callahan

Lilly McIntyre

Jean Giraud

Gary Gygax

Shirley Ann Larkin Tassencourt


A Tassencourt Films Production

In Association With

TRYFORS Production

Posterchild Productions

White House Post

Benchmark Cameras

Fancy Film

Swell Music + Sound


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This motion picture is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or exhibition of this motion picture may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

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Bring Water