A film by Dustin St. Wright, starring Michael Quijano and Robert Quijano

'Bring Water' is a short format science fiction film that explores a dystopian future where Earth has become a sprawling desert and humanity has regressed into nomadic groups who exist in constant search of water for survival.

The world is seen through the eyes of two brothers (Older Brother and Younger Brother) who are sent by their people to locate an old mystic who is rumored to have the gift to invoke supernatural visions of where to find water in the world.

Along their path Older Brother is killed and his spirit is cast down into the underworld, while an injured Younger Brother must carry on alone. In the underworld Older Brother meets the spirit of a strange bearded Hermit who walks between the worlds of life and death, and may be able to help the Brothers find water for their people.



Photographer: Felicity Palma, 2015